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  • The CRP-Screen test is used to determine blood CRP levels in four ranges so that inflammation can be detected and the bacterial and fungal infections are differentiated. The test is accurate and fast.

Professional lancet (1pc), test plate (1pc), plastic pipette (1pc), special diluent for dilution of blood sample (1pc), humectant sachet (1pc).

The CRP-Screen test detects inflammation and distinguishes bacterial and fungal infections. The test has 4 ranges and is characterized by high accuracy. This is a semi-quantitative test that determines the range of blood CRP levels in the following ranges: less than 8mg / L; from 8 to 40mg / L; from 40 to 100mg / L and above 100mg / L. These ranges coincide with the ranges typical of professional CPR half-blood tests, recommended by physicians. The CRP protein concentration is a valuable diagnostic hint that determines the underlying infection, and thus assesses whether the introduction of antibiotic therapy is necessary. In addition, CRP protein can detect inflammatory conditions, among others. accompanying intestinal and digestive diseases or related to the development of bacterial infection after surgical and dental procedures. CRP concentration can also signal disorders of the lipid and cardiovascular system, including atherosclerosis. The advantage of the test is its ease and speed. The precision and accuracy of the test make it applicable not only at home, but also in hospitals and laboratories.

Medical device CRP-Screen test for detecting the underlying infection (bacterial / fungal infections) and inflammation. Test recommended to detect inflammation, select the right treatment (decision to take antibiotic therapy). The test may be helpful in assessing whether the risk of developing atherosclerosis is elevated.

Additional Information:
Keep out of the reach of children at room temperature. Single use test.

How to use:
Read the instruction manual thoroughly before performing the test. The test takes just 10 minutes. Wash hands, take a sample of blood with a pipette, prick the finger tip with a special puncture. Apply the appropriate amount of blood to the test plate, add the recommended amount of diluent. Wait, read the result. For reliable results, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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