Cummerbund postpartum Teresa size S 80-90cm x 1 piece

Pani Teresa Medica SA

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  • Cummerbund. After the birth, women often complain about the excess skin on the abdomen. High quality cummerbund postpartum Teresa will accelerate the woman back into shape before pregnancy and after cesarce will prevent post-operative hernias.

Size S: waist circumference - 80-90cm, lane width - 24cm.

Postnatal abdominal belt, Ms. Teresa is a useful thing for women who want faster postpartum back into shape. The use of belt after birth naturally helps to strengthen excessively stretched after pregnancy abdominal wall, while caesarean gives a woman a sense of security and helps prevent the occurrence of postoperative hernia. With belt, you can start earlier gymnastic exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles. A regular waist wearing and performing appropriate exercises will definitely recover faster silhouette. It is worth noting that the mere wearing of a continuous belt postpartum may adversely affect the muscles of the abdomen and cause weakness, it is advisable to perform even the basic set of exercises.

Medical device cummerbund postpartum Teresa intended to be used after childbirth physiological and after cesarean.

Additional information:
Please note a few rules of storage and use of the belt. The product should be stored in the original container, preferably in a shady, dry place. The belt can be washed by hand at about 40st. C, using only mild detergent. Do not allow a very large dirt. Do not bleach or iron.

How to use:
Use a belt you should consult with your doctor. It is essential to select the correct size. To do this, measure the circumference of the abdomen and adjust to the dimensions of each size belt. Attaching the belt should be performed by drawing it through the legs to place it at the height of the abdomen and waist.