CUTISHELP MIMI Body Lotion 200ml

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CUTISHELP MIMI in the form of a lotion is a preparation for external use, which has moisturizing properties and protects against irritation. It strengthens the overall condition of the skin, relieves itching, regenerates and makes it more elastic.

CUTISHELP MIMI Body Lotion Composition:
Pharmacopoeia hemp oil, vit. E (tocopherol acetate), urea, bisabolol, allantoin, dimethicone, shea oil.

CUTISHELP MIMI Body Lotion Action:
The preparation is characterized by local action. It works elastically and neutralizes unpleasant tension. It contributes to the formation of a coat on the skin surface that protects against too much water evaporation and irritation. Thanks to this, it prevents drying. The use of moisturizer successively strengthens the overall condition of the skin and affects the renewal of the natural protective barrier. It relieves itching and inflammation and has antibacterial properties.

CUTISHELP MIMI Body Lotion Indications:
It is recommended to use the product for delicate, sensitive and hypersensitive skin of newborns, infants and older children. Also indicated for atopic dermatitis (AD) contact dermatitis, sun exposure dermatitis, urticaria and other types of skin allergy symptoms.

Apply topically, applying a small amount of lotion in affected areas by repeating the activity x 2-3 / 24 (in the case of skin requiring special care).