CUTISHELP MIMI Emulsion for washing the body and hair 200ml

Parenteral AS

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CUTISHELP MIMI in the form of an emulsion for washing the body and hair, has a positive effect on the condition of the skin during washing. It contains ingredients that effectively protect and care for the baby's skin and hair.

CANNABIS SATIVA OIL - pharmacopoeial hemp oil, vit. E (tocopherol acetate), aloe vera extract, glycerin.

The preparation applied to the skin leaves it soft and delicate for a long time. Gently cleanses and cleanses it of dirt. Contains ingredients that protect and care for the delicate skin and hair of the child. Moisturizes and fights bacteria, does not affect the natural hydro-lipid coat. Gentle on the eyes.

Use for the care and hygiene of delicate baby skin and hair. Also indicated for atopic dermatitis (AD) contact dermatitis, sun dermatitis, urticaria and other types of skin allergy symptoms.

Apply during bathing to the skin and hair of the child.