D-Vitum vitamin D children x 36kaps. twist-off, vitamin d deficiency in children


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  • Vitamin D is needed for proper growth and development of bones and teeth of the child. Its deficiency can lead to tragic consequences rickets.

Of the infant to get Vitamin D is mainly in breast milk and is produced in the skin under the influence of sunlight. However, its amount in the diet may not be sufficient, especially when the mother is not nourish properly. The deficit of vitamin D may be present also on cloudy days. Therefore it is recommended to supplement your child's diet with additional vitamin D. Infants fed with modified milk does not need to be given extra vitamin D, if the quantity of consumed product covers the daily requirement for this vitamin.

MCT oil (triglyceride of medium chain), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), antioxidant (a mixture of tocopherols)
1 capsule contains 400 IU (10μg) of vitamin D

The product is recommended for breastfed infants, whose levels of vitamin D in your diet is too low or the increased requirement for vitamin D.

1 capsule "twist-off" day. The preparation may be added dropwise directly into the child's mouth or downloaded by the mother food.

Additional information:
The preparation can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. It is not recommended to exceed the specified dose during the day.