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DAIRY MILK ROYAL JELLY Royal jelly lyophilized 300mg x 45 tablets


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  • DAIRY MILK is a natural food supplement that increases the psychophysical capacity of the body, improves immunity and supports metabolic processes.

ROYAL JELLY 300 contains 100 mg lyophilisate corresponding to 300 mg fresh royal jelly in one tablet. The tablets do not contain sugar.

The preparation belongs to a wide category of natural food supplements that positively affect the functioning of the body. Royal jelly is a rich source of nutrients and therefore increases the psychophysical efficiency of the body, stimulates natural defense mechanisms, normalizes metabolic processes, accelerates convalescence after diseases and works in the prevention of diseases of the respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems.

The product should be taken as an aid to increase psychophysical efficiency, strengthen immunity, and help regenerate the body after diseases.

Take an oral dose of 1-2 capsules in the morning and at noon for 4-8 weeks. Kaps. put under the tongue or suck.