DARMAKTIV plus liquid digestion problems in dogs, cats

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DARMAKTIV plus liquid digestion problems in dogs, cats

Pack size:100 ml Dosage form:liquid

Supplementary feed for dogs and cats with disturbed intestinal flora

Complementary feed for dogs and cats

There are billions of tiny microorganisms in the intestine. A distinction is made between pathogenic bacteria (pathogens that cause illness) and bacteria that are beneficial for the healthy intestinal flora, such as lactic acid bacteria.

These "good" bacteria are hard-working helpers of the immune system and have a positive influence on digestive juices, enzymes and the intestinal mucosa. The pathogens are literally fought and suppressed. In addition, an intact intestinal flora ensures good digestion.

DARMAKTIV plus liquid digestion problems in dogs, cats:

  1. Displacement of pathogenic bacteria
  2. Stimulation of the immune system
  3. Improved digestion of the food
  4. Maintenance of intestinal peristalsis

If the natural intestinal flora is disturbed, it can lead to an excessive colonization by pathogens and the dog gets diarrhea. Antibiotic treatments can also attack the protective function - the drugs often do not differentiate between “good” and “bad” bacteria.

The intestinal flora is disturbed, its defense mechanism only functions to a limited extent and the intestinal wall is affected.
The ancestor of our dog - the wolf - therefore also eats the digestive organs of its prey. They contain all the necessary microorganisms for a well-functioning intestinal flora. It is not always possible to feed fresh rumen or leaf stomach. Even when frozen, they do not make up for the lack of valuable bacteria and enzymes, as these are destroyed by freezing.

This deficiency can be compensated very well with fermented herbs. Regular feeding with DarmAktiv plus is therefore recommended, even if the intestinal flora is disturbed due to feeding or if you have digestive problems.

Complementary feed for dogs and cats

DARMAKTIV plus liquid digestion problems in dogs, cats Ingredients:
Fermented peppermint, fermented thyme, fermented nettle, fermented hibiscus, fermented fenugreek seeds, fermented echinacea, fermented oregano, fermented chicory, fermented yarrow, fermented bedstraw

DARMAKTIV plus liquid digestion problems in dogs, cats Analytical components and contents:
crude protein 0.3%, crude fiber 0.5%, crude fat 0.3%, crude ash 0.5%, moisture 94.9%

recommendation : cats, small dogs up to 3kg: 1 - 2ml; Dogs 3 - 15kg: 2 - 5ml; Dogs 15 - 30kg: 4 - 9ml; Dogs over 30kg: give 8-20ml 1-2 times a week over the food

Protect from frost and heat!