DAX SUN Lotion for children SPF 30 150ml

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  • Dax Sun Lotion SPF30 for children, a high protection against the harmful effects of sunlight on the skin. It contains photostable UVA / UVB Balance, which protect the delicate skin of children as well during the bath. Recommended for children with fair skin.

The protective filters UVA / UVB Balance, DNA-Bio-Regenerator, D-panthenol, glycerin Action: Dax Sun lotion for children SPF 30, is an innovative, safe for skin lotion designed for children from 6 months of age. High protection when using a sun bath gives a special system of protective filters photostable UVA / UVB Balance of SPF 30. The cosmetic is dedicated mainly to children with light and very fair skin and for people with high sensitivity to sunlight. Protect and repair skin DNA provides DNA-Bio-Regenerator - natural extract from seeds of cotton, rich in peptides. Intensive care provide the skin D-panthenol and glycerin, which strongly moisturize and soothe irritations. The formulation is waterproof, which means that it protects the skin while bathing. Does not cause phototoxic. Fragrance does not contain allergens. The product tested was dermatologically and fotoalergologicznie and received a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child. Application: Dax Sun lotion for children SPF 30, provides security delicate skin of the child with fair and very fair skin and those with a high sensitivity to sunlight. Usage: Lotion apply on the skin 30 minutes before sun exposure. It is recommended to lubricate the skin several times while sunbathing.