DEBELIZYNA paste 100g nephrolithiasis treatment, colic pain

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  • Pasta Debelizyna diuretic and relaxant for the urinary tract, reduces the severity of symptoms associated with nephrolithiasis (colic pain).

DEBELIZYNA paste, nephrolithiasis treatment, colic pain Ingredients:
Extract liquid from bean seed Indian - 65,45g (Dolichosi biflorum seminis extr. 65,45g); Auxiliary components: glycerin (Glycerolum) Aseptyna M (Aseptina M) Aseptyna P (Aseptina P), orange oil (aurantii oleum), citric acid (citricum Acidum) Wheat starch (tritici amylum), Agar (Agar) - up to 100 g

DEBELIZYNA paste, nephrolithiasis treatment, colic pain Indications:
The center is traditionally used as an adjunct in urolithiasis (small deposits) mild and preventing the recurrence of stones.

Contraindications: Do not use in people allergic to methyl parabens or to any component of the paste; in children and adolescents and elderly patients without consulting a doctor.

DEBELIZYNA paste, nephrolithiasis treatment, colic pain Dosage: On average, 3 times a day 1 teaspoon of paste dissolved in 1/2 cup of boiled water. Additional recommendations for use:

  • depending on the doctor's instructions, you must follow the recommended diet and taking the right amount of fluids;
  • in the case of taking a preventive frequency of monitoring should be determined with your doctor.