DentaVet Spray animal health 50 ml

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cdVet dentaVet Spray animal health vet. 

cdVet DentaVet Spray

Natural care spray for healthy oral flora.

cdVet DentaVet Spray cares for the teeth and gums, protects against dental plaque and
tartar, takes away unpleasant breath odor and supports the natural oral flora.
DentaVet Spray animal health Composition: Aqua, calendula
oil , natural emulsifier, boswellia oil , pine oil
DentaVet Spray animal health Recommended use:
spray onto teeth and gums several times a day as required
Bacteria and fungi often form a mouth flora that has a
negative impact on the state of health . Inflammation of the gums, mouth rot , tartar formation,
and even tooth loss are often the direct consequences - loss of appetite, pain in the
mouth area, unpleasant mouth odor, but also foci of
infection spreading further into the body are unfortunately not uncommon. Therefore, optimal care and
oral hygiene, especially for sensitive animals, is an important contribution to
health and well-being.
cdVet DentaVet Spray contains valuable oils from calendula, boswellia and pine.

DentaVet Spray animal health:
- cares for the teeth and the gums
- odor-inhibiting and strengthening the gums
- offers an effective addition to dental and oral hygiene
DentaVet Spray animal health Expert tip: If you have mouth problems, please think of a healthy intestinal flora and
a healthy metabolism.