DENTOSAFE tooth rescue box

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DENTOSAFE tooth rescue box 1 pc

pack size:pc Dosage form:solution

Dentosafe® tooth rescue box for temporary storage and transport of broken or broken teeth or tooth fragments until reimplantation.

Dentosafe® is a medical product that is intended for single use and should not be reused under any circumstances.

By reusing the vitality of the cells is no longer given by an already contaminated storage solution.

The tooth rescue box is used to store only one tooth!

If the solution is not red in color, this is an indication that the shelf life has been exceeded or that it has been stored incorrectly. In this case, the tooth rescue box should not be used. A damaged tooth rescue box should not be used.

Use of the Dentosafe® tooth rescue box in an emergency:

  1. The Dentosafe® tooth rescue box is ready for use. The closure of the box is unscrewed immediately before use.
  2. The tooth is placed in the bottle with the tooth root tip down.
    Caution! Do not touch the tooth at the root. Do not remove dirt particles adhering to the tooth before putting it in the
    Dentosafe® tooth rescue box.
  3. The tooth rescue box is closed again with the screw cap. Please make sure that the tooth rescue box
    is tightly closed. It can now be easily transported to the dentist or to the nearest dental clinic
    Caution! There is a risk of pinching when closing the tooth rescue box!
    The Dentosafe® storage solution maintains the vitality of the cells on the tooth for at least 24 hours at room temperature,
    as a prerequisite for the proper healing of the tooth in the jaw.
  4. Please enter the initials of the patient whose tooth
    was entered into the tooth rescue box on the bottle label in the spaces provided, as well as the date and time of entry.

Not for ingestion.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life: See expiry date
Do not use Dentosafe® after the expiry date has passed.

Special storage and storage instructions: Store
the tooth rescue box in the original packaging in order to protect from light.