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DENTOSEPT liquid 100ml


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  • Dentosept is indicated in serum and purulent gums and mouth surface periodontitis catarrhal glossitis, stomatitis zoonoses against toxic. The tendency to bleeding gums.

100 ml contains extracts of chamomile flower 11.83 g, 11.83 g of oak bark, sage leaf 11.83 g, herb arnica 5.91 g, 5.91 g rhizomes of couch grass, herb peppermint 5.91 g , thyme 5.91 g. The product contains ethanol 60-70%.

The preparation has an astringent and anti gently on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity associated with the operation of extracts of oak bark, sage leaf and chamomile. Tannins and essential oils act antiseptically.

Serum and purulent inflammation of the gums and oral cavity, superficial periodontal disease, catarrhal inflammation of the tongue, zoonoses stomatitis against toxic. The tendency to bleeding gums. Fungal inflammation of the oral mucosa (yeast). Supportively in periodontitis.

Hypersensitivity to arnica, chamomile or other plants of the family Compositae. Children under 6 years of age

Pregnancy and lactation:
Do not use in pregnancy.