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Déprime x 30 tablets, st. john's wort, depression, trouble concentrating, sleep disorders


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  • Deprim is a product indicated for the period of mental weakness and depression. In composition we find St. John's wort.

1 tablet. It contains 60 mg of extract of St. John's wort, which corresponds to the sum of 0.3 mg hypericin. 1 caps. Contains 425 mg of extract of St. John's wort, which corresponds to the sum of 0,75-1,3 mg hypericin. Effect of hypericin, the active substances contained in the extract of St. John's wort, relieve states of depressed mood depressive type of accompanying symptoms: lack of motivation, impaired concentration, feelings of exhaustion and sleep disorders. Action occurs after 10-14 days. Indications: déprime helps in the treatment of depression and more persistent conditions such as:

  • Depression
  • There are no power to act,
  • Feeling exhausted,
  • Trouble concentrating,
  • sleep disorders

Oral. Deprim: adults - 1 tablet. 3 times per day; children over 7 years of age - Table 1-2. a day in the morning or at noon, before meals. The preparation should be applied for several weeks or months. Deprim forte: adults and children 13 years of age - 1 capsule. Once a day (fixed time), with plenty of liquid. The product should be used for 4-6 weeks.