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Dermatix silicone gel 15g IR scar cream, flatten scars

Valeant (ICN)

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  • Dermatix is ​​effective in treating post-traumatic scars, pooparzeniowych and after surgery. They demonstrated that Dermatix soften, flatten and smooth scars. The product of parallel imports.

The product of parallel imports.

Dermatix silicone gel is ​​effective in the treatment of traumatic, burn and surgical scars.
Proven that Dermatix softens, flattens and smoothes scars

How to use Dermatix:
Dermatix is very easy to use and should be applied twice a day
treatment area should be washed with soap and water and then dry
Gently spread a very thin layer on the treated surface
Allow to dry for 4 -5 minutes before applying makeup or clothes
if Dermatix has dried for 4 - 5 minutes, it has been used too much gel.You should then remove the excess gel and wait for the remaining layer to dry

It is recommended to use the gel for at least two months.
Using Dermatix longer, you get better results

Dermatix silicone gel- designed for patient comfort

Transparent, odorless gel
After drying, the gel can be applied to its beauty
Easy to apply - painless
suitable even for sensitive skin
can be used in children - Samowysychający creates an invisible layer - Can be used on scars old and new - Provides flexible protection - Routine application of two times a day - ideal for scars with irregular surfaces and scars moving parts of the body: joints, face - Continuous contact with the skin for better treatment of scars - do not cause maceration