Dermedic Sunbrella protective lotion for children SPF50 100g, baby sunscreen


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  • Dermedic Sunbrella Protective Lotion SPF50 for children, a special care for sensitive, delicate skin of children. It contains mineral filters which give a very high sun protection and moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Active ingredients:
Mineral filters, linseed oil, allantoin, D-panthenol, Shea Butter, Olive oil, Natural Extract AP, Glycerin, Medilan, Vitamin E, thermal water

Dermedic Sunbrella protective lotion for children SPF50 is a special preparation - dedicated to the youngest, which is a very high protection against the harmful effects of solar radiation UVA / UVB thanks to the mineral filters - well tolerated by sensitive skin of children. Milk has a very delicate formula, devoid of allergens, which also soothes, calms, reduces burning, it promotes healing and accelerates the regeneration of the skin. The product waterproof.

Dermedic Sunbrella protective lotion for children SPF50 is a high cosmetic sunscreen body, especially recommended for sensitive skin of children.

How to use:
Apply the right amount of lotion on the skin of the whole body - at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Maintaining the security of the application again and again every 2 hours and after toweling, swimming or perspiring.

Protect children and infants up to 3 years from direct exposure to the sun. Avoid sun exposure between the hours of 11 to 15. Remember to applications on sensitive areas: ears, lips, nose, shoulders. Cosmetics protective use also on cloudy days - 80% of the radiation penetrates well through the clouds! Sun protection products do not provide 100% protection!