Dermedic Sunbrella Protective Lotion SPF50 100g, spf 50


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  • Dermedic protective lotion SPF50 contains Advanced Protection System - diffusing and reflecting sunlight and absorbing light, giving a very high protection against UVA / UVB protection for sensitive and allergic.

Active ingredients:
Advanced Protection System, Filters, Mineral, Vitamin C + E, allantoin, glycerine, thermal water

Dermedic Protective Lotion SPF50, a cosmetic especially recommended for very sensitive skin, prone to burns, allergies and difficult sunbathing. A very high sun protection to the body through the use of Advanced Protection System - consisting in the dispersion and reflection of sunlight and absorption of the energy of sunlight. In addition, cosmetic improves the condition of the skin, preventing the loss of firmness and softens the skin and soothes the
product does not contain dyes and has a waterproof, photostabile formula.

Dermedic Protective Lotion SPF50 gives very high and effective protection against szkoldiwym radiation UVA / UVB rays.

How to use:
Apply the right amount of lotion on the skin of the whole body - at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Maintaining the security of the application again and again every 2 hours and after toweling, swimming or perspiring.

Excessively long exposure to the sun can pose a serious health risk. Avoid excessive exposure to protect the skin or high filters, when the sun operates the most. Keep babies and young children out of direct sunlight.
Products sun protection does not provide 100% protection.