DERMOMASK deep cleansing mask 10ml x 10 units.


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  • Deep cleansing mask is based on the contents of up to 20% kaolin (white clay) and 4% Avena sativa (oats). This connection allows you to get your skin perfectly cleansed and dull.
20% Kaolin tightens and smoothes the skin, eliminates the shine giving a matte appearance. With the delicacy of action is also great for dry skin, loss of elasticity and vitality. Not only very effectively cleanses the skin, but also cares about its mineralization. In addition, it exhibits antiseptic. 4% Avena sativa stimulates the blood circulation of the skin and has a regenerating and nourishing properties. Perfectly soothes irritations. Due to the high content of zinc heals skin imperfections. Included in the Avena sativa copper tightens the skin, and B vitamins to prevent it from cracking. It is a rich source of vitamin E, prevents discolouration and moisturizes the skin.It has anti-inflammatory properties and effectively soothes irritations.