DEXOFTYAL MD eye drops, allergy eye drops


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DEXOFTYAL MD eye drops 15ml, allergy eye drops

  • DEXOFTYAL MD eye drop formulation, which is effective in relieving the discomfort of the irritated eyes. Perfectly nourishes and regenerates and intensively hydrates the ocular surface.


DEXOFTYAL MD eye drops, allergy eye drops Composition:

dexpanthenol 2% Hydraflex 0.5% polyhexanide 0.0001%

The preparation is in the form of eye drops for local use. They characterized by a unique complex composition which has a moisturizing and regenerative properties. The product is completely sterile. There are viscosity and clarity. The active ingredients stimulate and support the renewal and regeneration of the cornea of the eye. Contained in the droplets Hydraflex has mucoadhesive properties, which favors maintaining the tear film on the surface of the eye and maintaining its protective function. In addition, preparation improves the comfort of use of contact lenses and allows for proper care of the eye. Effectively soothes the feeling of comfort associated with irritation of the eyes.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation


DEXOFTYAL MD eye drops, allergy eye drops Indications:

The product is intended for use in case of eye irritation associated with external factors (air, wind, air pollution, radiation from the computer or TV) or wearing lenses.


Dosage DEXOFTYAL MD eye drops, allergy eye drops:

Apply topically. Apply 1-2 drops of preparation into each conjunctival sac. Blink a few times to evenly distribute the droplets on the surface of the eyeball.