DIABETEFIX 2g x 20 bags level control of blood glucos

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  • DIABETEFIX is characterized by herbal tea composition. It contains substances responsible for power level control of blood glucose. The product recommended for people with a higher concentration of sugar.

pods of beans 40%, herb (or leaf) nettle 30%, 20% couch grass rhizome, dandelion greens with root 10%.

product has a completely natural composition, which preferably acts on the work body. It contains pods of beans, herb nettle, couch grass rhizome and the root of the dandelion herb, responsible for normalizing blood sugar levels in the body and eliminate the discomfort associated with this problem. Designed for oral use.

The tea is recommended for people having problems with elevated blood glucose.

How to use:
Apply orally. 2 bags of tea pour boiling water and infuse for about 10 minutes, covered. Take x 2/24.