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DIABETOFORT liquid 100g stimulating the secretion of urine and for the treatment of diabetes.

Leki Natury

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  • Treatment of diabetes. DIABETOFORT fluid composition comprises extracts traditionally used as a means of stimulating the secretion of urine and for the treatment of diabetes.

Use of the product causes mild decrease in blood sugar levels. This effect is explained by, among others, disrupted by the absorption of carbohydrates by extracts from the pericarp of beans and leaf blackberries.

an aid in the treatment of diabetes mellitus (type 2). Prophylactically in patients with familial predisposition to diabetes (so-called. Latent diabetes) and those with a tendency to random hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar after meals). Nature and contents of container - a bottle of 100g. Ingredients: 100g of the drug include: * Extractum fluidum (1: 1) compositum ex: pericarpium phaseoli (bean pericarp) - 30,0g, * Betulae folium (birch leaf) - 20,0g, * Agropyri rhizoma (couch grass rhizome) - 20,0g, * Rubi fruticosi folium (leaf blackberries) - 20,0g, * Rosae fructus (rosehip) -10,0g.The preparation standardized on flavonoid content of 0.15% per quercetin

Pregnancy and breast feeding
is not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation. Dosage: Adults and children over 12 years of age: 5 ml of the drug taken after meals, up to 4 times daily. The appropriate dose must be diluted with a little water. The packaging is accompanied by a scoop of scale for dispensing the drug.