DIAGNOSTIC Gold Strip test strip x 50 pieces, blood glucose measurement


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  • Independent blood glucose measurement is an absolute requirement for patients with diabetes. Diagnostic Gold Strip Diagnostic Gold Diagnostic Gold Diagnostic Gold allows you to perform daily tests.

DIAGNOSTIC Gold Strip test strip blood glucose measurement Action:
Diagnostic Gold Strip test strips are an essential part of the Diagnostic Gold diagnostic tool. These straps allow you to determine blood glucose levels because they have an electrode and chemical reagents. Glucose from the blood reacts with the reagents, generating a low intensity current whose height depends on the blood glucose. The meter instantly analyzes the data and indicates the blood glucose level. Essential product in the home of any diabetic and people at risk for diabetes.

Diagnostic Gold test strips for self determination of capillary blood glucose (taken from finger, palm, forearm or arm). Striped strips exclusively for the Diagnostic Gold meter.

Additional Information:
Keep out of the reach of children at room temperature. Protect from light and moisture.

Directions for use:
Use as intended, following the hygiene rules.