Diatomaceous earth (Diatomite) 0.5 kg


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  • Diatomaceous earth, amorphous Diatomite is a meal of fossil diatoms antiparasitic properties, detoxification and colon cleansing.Product quality food for indoor and outdoor applications.

Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth (Diatomite) trade name Fossil Shell Flour (FSF). The deposit contains 89% -95% amorphous silica SiO2Action: diatomaceous earth, mined from deposits Perma-Guard is an extremely pure and safe form of diatoms - free components of sedimentary origin, which have the same shape and come up with fresh water. The inclusion of a diet meal of diatomaceous earth contributes to effectively cleanse the body of all impurities and parasites and to preserve the health of the entire digestive tract and bone - especially recommended for people at risk of osteoporosis and suffering from degenerative joint diseases. In addition, diatoms are a natural source of silicon, which is of great importance for the good condition of the skin, hair and nails, and also diatomaceous earth has proven characteristics which improve vitality, blood circulation and increase the resistance of our body. Application:Diatomaceous earth is a product for which the reason it is possible to efficiently and very thorough cleaning of the body of: toxins, parasites, worms, bacteria, fungi, molds, protozoa, viruses, endotoxins, pesticides, bacteria E-coli, heavy metals and toxins, drug-induced - mentioned microorganisms and other hazardous compounds are " attracted "by millions of negatively charged diatoms and with them excreted from the body non-invasively to human health.in addition, diatomaceous earth, also has an impact on: - health and condition of hair, skin and nails - Reduce joint pain and back pain - Increase vitality - Improving immunity - Faster wound healing (especially when ulcers drumsticks) - mitigating the effects of allergies - skin, food, inhaled. - normalization of blood pressure - Reduce the tendency to constipation - Insomnia - efficiency sexualIncluding diatomaceous earth in the diet do not worry about the imbalance the natural environment of the digestive system - diatomaceous earth FSF does not kill present in the gut of useful bacteria!