Disposable protective mask x 1 piece


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Disposable protective three-layer mask with elastic, made of skin-friendly hypoallergenic non-woven fabric. The mask provides a high degree of filtration in accordance with the standards - BFE 99% and does not impede breathing. The mask is recommended for single use.

Disposable protective mask Composition:

Protective mask made of 3-layer non-woven fabric. Does not contain fiberglass.

Disposable protective mask Application:

Disposable protective mask with elastic, made of 3-layer non-woven fabric, which does not impede breathing. The mask does not contain glass fiber and is a hypoallergenic product. The product has a high degree of air filtration - BFE 99%, which provides protection against dust, dust and numerous microorganisms in the air. Flexible elastics on the sides of the mask ensure a stable position of the mask on the face during use. The product is for single use only!


No mask gives 100% protection against infection.

Mask size: 175 x 95mm

Mask size with elastic band: 175 x 175mm