DOG FELLGEL vet. zinc biotin

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Dog Fellgel Vet, DOG FELLGEL vet. zinc biotin 

Pack size:100 ml 

Dosage form: gel

For a beautiful dog coat and healthy skin.
- Biotin zinc product with 333,000 mcg biotin and 500 mg zinc per kg
- High taste acceptance even with spoiled dogs

Typical clinical symptoms of biotin deficiency are described as follows:
- The hair becomes dry and brittle, it loses its shine, becomes brittle and finally falls off - the skin flakes off; Skin and hair bleach out
- Dermatitis develops with scabbing and rind formation
- The animals show increased itching.
DOG FELLGEL vet. zinc biotin Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
Over a period of 6 weeks 1 teaspoon per 5kg body weight. After that, half the dosage is sufficient. (1 teaspoon = approx. 1.5 mg biotin)

DOG FELLGEL vet. zinc biotin Composition / Ingredients / Additives:
Composition: Dextrose, cane sugar
Ingredients: Crude protein 0.0%, crude fat 0.2%, crude fiber 0.5%, crude ash 0.8%
Additives per 1,000ml: 333,000mcg biotin, zinc 500mg, preserved with potassium sorbate and citric acid