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Feed material for dogs

Canina® HEMP POWDER  is obtained from the leaves of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa in a particularly gentle manufacturing process. Hemp naturally contains important essential amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for an optimal metabolism.

The nutritionally balanced amino acid pattern in  Canina® HEMP POWDER  supports muscle development, performance and the musculoskeletal system. This is particularly important for active dogs, but also young, older or stressed dogs in convalescence benefit from the special diversity of the valuable composition: Natural micro-minerals and vitamins strengthen the body's immune system, valuable fiber contributes to intestinal health.

Last but not least, the essential fatty acids such as alpha and gamma linolenic acid harmonize the hormone metabolism, which contributes to the dog's well-being. Nervous dogs with a tendency to hyperactivity benefit from the natural unsaturated fatty acids in  Canina® HEMP POWDER , which is expressed in more nerve strength and stress resistance.

Young dogs that tend to lose weight can be  fed Canina® HEMP  POWDER. Old dogs, which tend to lose muscle quickly, can be supported in their muscle strength with the valuable amino acids. Vitality and well-being and thus the quality of life of the old dogs improve. As a side effect,  Canina® HEMP POWDER has  a positive influence on hair quality and hair growth due to the essential fatty acids.

Canina® HEMP POWDER  has no intoxicating effect, as it is feed hemp with a minimal THC content of approx. 0.07% (THC = tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is responsible for the psychoactive effect and is only contained in the female hemp plant, which is not used in  Canina® HEMP POWDER  .

Canina® HEMP POWDER  can prevent nutritional deficiency symptoms (regardless of what is fed) and is a nutritionally valuable contribution to the daily ration.

Hemp flour 100% (ground leaves of Cannabis sativa L.)

Composition:  crude protein 29.7%, fat content 7.1%, crude fiber 30.3%, moisture 10.5%

The fat content is made up as follows:
Polyunsaturated fatty acids:  linoleic acid 58.26%, alpha-linolenic acid 19.14%, gamma-linolenic acid 0.05%  Monounsaturated
fatty acids: palmitoleic acid 0.10%, oleic acid 11.61%, gadoleic acid 0.41%,
saturated fatty acids : myristic acid 0.10%, palmitic acid 6.28%, stearic acid 2.72%, arachidic acid 0.88%, behenic acid 0.33%, lignoceric acid 0.15%,

DOG HEMP POWDER for dogs Feeding
recommendation per animal and day: 3g per 10kg body weight, max. 30g
(3g = approx. 1 teaspoon)

Canina® HEMP POWDER  is added to the daily feed, regardless of whether it is dry, moist or self-prepared rations (cooked or raw). Dry food must be moistened with a little lukewarm water. Fresh water must always be available.

The specified amount per 10kg can be doubled if necessary. 30g per day should not be exceeded.

Also suitable for puppies.