Dog HEMP STICKS for dogs

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Dog HEMP STICKS for dogs

Complementary feed for dogs

Canina® HEMP STICKS are the healthy, natural reward for in between meals  . Ready-made feed  in particular is rounded off by the daily range of  Canina® HEMP STICKS in terms of its amino acid profile and fatty acid pattern .

Most rewards are not good for your dog's health - they contain sugars or analytical ingredients like preservatives and flavorings. Canina® HEMP STICKS  are popular due to their high content of unsaturated fatty acids such as alpha and gamma linolenic acid and the valuable amino acids. They support muscle strength and regeneration in sporting activities but also in young dogs. Old dogs benefit from the optimal amino acid profile and are supported in their well-being, quality of life and movement.

Canina® HEMP STICKS  strengthen the body's immune system with the micronutrients it contains.

Due to the dietary fiber (high fiber content), the  Canina® HEMP STICKS saturate  without stress, care for the intestines and optimize digestion. The unsaturated fatty acids have a positive influence on hair growth and coat quality.

Young dogs in particular, who are unfocused and nervous during training, benefit from the administration of  Canina® HEMP STICKS.  The omega fatty acids and the balanced amino acid pattern can, in combination with educational measures, make their contribution to greater resilience and balance in such dogs.

Canina® HEMP STICKS  have no intoxicating effect, because it is feed hemp , which only has a minimal THC content of approx. 0.07 (THC = tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is responsible for the psychoactive effect and is only contained in the female hemp plant, which is used in the  Canina® HEMP STICKS  .

Canina® HEMP STICKS  can prevent nutritional deficiency symptoms (regardless of what is fed) and are a nutritionally valuable contribution for every day.

Content:  200g / 500g

Dog HEMP STICKS for dogs Composition / Composition:

Composition:  Hemp flour 100% (ground leaves of Cannabis sativa L.) processed into sticks

Dog HEMP STICKS for dogs Composition:  crude protein 29.7%, fat content 7.1%, crude fiber 30.3%, moisture 10.5%

The fat content is made up as follows:
Polyunsaturated fatty acids:  linoleic acid 58.26%, alpha-linolenic acid 19.14%, gamma-linolenic acid 0.05%  Monounsaturated
fatty acids: palmitoleic acid 0.10%, oleic acid 11.61%, gadoleic acid 0.41%,
saturated fatty acids : myristic acid 0.10%, palmitic acid 6.28%, stearic acid 2.72%, arachidic acid 0.88%, behenic acid 0.33%, lignoceric acid 0.15%,

recommendation per animal and day: 3g per 10kg body weight, max. 30g

Canina® HEMP STICKS  are served in between, next to meals, as a healthy reward. They can be easily divided so that individual dosing is possible. 

The specified amount per 10kg can be doubled if necessary. 30g per day should not be exceeded.

Also suitable for puppies.