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Dog itchy skin, Dermafit Dog supporting skin function


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Dermafit Dog Product supporting skin function for dogs 125 ml


Dog itchy skin, Dermafit Dog supporting skin function:

Veterinary preparation for dogs supporting skin function in dermatoses and excessive hair loss. Dermafit Dog is characterized by the content of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids selected in an optimal ratio, as well as the presence of natural tocopherols. The product contains phytosterols.

Dog itchy skin, Dermafit Dog supporting skin function Action

Phytosterols are natural components of plants, serving as starting substances for the synthesis of numerous hormones, enzymes and vitamins. The anti-inflammatory and itch-relieving effects of phytosterols result from their close chemical relationship to natural steroids. Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids (1:6) support the body's regulatory processes during the inflammatory reaction. Natural alpha and gamma tocopherol work synergistically against free radicals, which are produced in large amounts in inflammatory processes. Biotin and zinc improve the quality and appearance of the skin and, consequently, also the hair coat. It improves skin functions and the appearance of the hair coat and supports the treatment of
- dermatoses
- hair loss
- allergic skin irritations .

Use Dog itchy skin, Dermafit Dog supporting skin function:

Take with food. In dogs, depending on weight
- Up to 10 kg - 1 ml per day,
- From 10-20 kg 2 ml per day,
- Over 20 kg - 3 ml per day.

For external use - lubricate the affected skin parts 1-2 times a day. Shake before use. Recommended administration period up to 2 months. Seek veterinary advice before administering.