DOG REPELLENT powder vet.

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DOG REPELLENT powder vet.

Pack size:300 

Dosage form:powder

Permanent dog repellent keeps dogs with a defensive scent away from the garden and buildings.

DOG REPELLENT powder vet. Application
Sprinkle the granulate on the surface to be protected as a trace. Repeat this process if necessary. The repellent is resistant to rain and moisture. The granulate is not harmful to the environment.

Net filling quantity Contents = 300 g

DOG REPELLENT powder vet. Instructions for use
Use only according to the instructions for use. Can cause allergic reactions. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Keep away from food, drink and animal feed. Do not eat, drink or smoke at work. Avoid skin contact.

DOG REPELLENT powder vet. First aid
Change clothing soiled with granules. Wash off with plenty of soap and water after skin contact. After contact with the eyes, rinse with running water for several minutes with the eyelid held wide open. If swallowed, rinse out mouth and then drink plenty of water. In all cases, consult a doctor in the event of complaints.

Keep the can tightly closed after use and always leave the contents in the original can. Store in a cool and dry place. Send completely emptied packaging to the recycling center.