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Dog Stop Spray

Keeps the dog away!

Every dog ​​lover, but especially dog ​​breeder, is afraid and worried when his bitch is in heat - the hot spell. His bitch, perhaps a valuable breeding animal, is exposed to the undesirable harassment of males that pursue her everywhere. How easily it can lead to unwanted and unwanted offspring. The dog owner wants to protect himself and his animal from this. She attracts the males through odorous substances that the bitch excretes through the urine during this time. It is wrapped in a "cloud of erotic scent" and thus leaves safe markings that are accepted by males. The inconvenience caused by the hot spell for the bitch, especially due to the annoyance of males every six months,

Dog Stop can solve the annoying problem of the bitch in heat in the simplest way as soon as the hot spell starts. If the bitch is sprayed on Dog Stop before the run, at exhibitions or before the presence of a male, no male will bother her during this time. Bitches are generally very affectionate and like to be kept when the trouble with heat is gone. The best possible protection for your bitch is achieved by adding Dog Stop tablets and additionally using Dog Stop spray. Dog Stop tablets are also excellent against unpleasant mouth and fur odor.
Dog Stop Spray:
- effectively binds and covers the bitch's heat smell and keeps males away.
- works quickly, especially before the run, at exhibitions, in the presence of male dogs. Recommendation for

DOG STOP spray use:
As soon as the first signs of heat appear, Dog Stop Spray is to be used daily in the morning and in the evening as well as if necessary. To do this, the rear parts of the bitch's body, the inside of the hind legs and the base of the tail are thoroughly sprayed from all sides. Do not spray on the bitch's eyes or nose. The application must be carried out during the entire period of heat.

As soon as the first signs of heat / heat appear, DOG STOP SPRAY should be used daily.

The rear parts of the body of the bitch / cat, the inside of the hind legs and the base of the tail are thoroughly sprayed from all sides.

These parts of the body are particularly stressed and sticky due to the secretion of heat / heat and therefore smell unpleasant.

DOG STOP SPRAY cares for these areas and removes the smell.

In order to avoid undesired marking, the corresponding areas are repeatedly sprayed with DOG STOP SPRAY.

The intense smell of eucalyptus prevents re-marking.

Ingredients (INCI):
Isopropyl alcohol, paraffi num liquid, butylene glycol, eucalyptus Oil, isobornyl-acetate, p-chloro-m-cresol Recommendation for

DOG STOP spray use:
Use during the entire period of heat / heat.

The combination with DOG STOP Forte tablets (which work against the development of the fragrance of heat / heat) is ideal.

Prerequisite for a good effect is the timely and regular use of DOG STOP.

Do not spray on the bitch's eyes or nose.

DOG STOP SPRAY can also be used:

  • in front of the outlet
  • at exhibition
  • in the presence of males / males

Pump spray without propellant gas.

Shake briefly before use.

After each use, turn the bottle upside down and empty the valve.

R43: May cause sensitization by skin contact

S2: Keep out of the reach of children
S24 / 25: Avoid contact with skin and eyes
S46: If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label
S64: If swallowed, rinse mouth with water (only if the casualty is conscious)

DOG STOP spray Note:
Contains eucalyptus oil and chlorocresol. Can cause allergic reactions.