DOLOGEL gel for gum massage, gum disease

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DOLOGEL gel for gum massage 25ml, gum disease

  • Gum disease. DOLOGEL gel to massage the gums intended for use in teething children, but also adults. With natural ingredients it relieves pain and reduces inflammation and redness of the gums.


DOLOGEL gel for gum massage, gum disease Ingredients:

extract of valerian 5% extract, chamomile 5% extract of propolis 5%, excipients qs 100%


DOLOGEL gel for gum massage, gum disease Action:

The product is a gel characterized by the presence of natural ingredients. It consists of an extract of chamomile, which soothes the inflammation and reduces redness of the gums. Extract from propolisy helps to neutralize the pain. It also exhibits anti-inflammatory and disinfectant gums. Valerian is responsible for calming and relaxation of the body. In contrast to other products of this type, the gel does not fall lidocaine or other components analgesic chemical origin. This makes it completely safe for a small child. The combination of natural substances gel and a gentle massage bring fast relief and alleviate the discomfort felt.

DOLOGEL gel for gum massage, gum disease Contraindications:
- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation

It is recommended to use the product for massaging the gums of infants (in the case of teething), and older children and adults at aftach and inflammation of the gums.


How to use DOLOGEL gel for gum massage, gum disease:

Apply topically. By using it to wash your hands. A small amount of gel massaged the baby's gums. Repeat this for x 5/24.