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Doppelhertz active Magnesium + Calcium biphasic DEPO tablets contain a special combination of Magnesium and Calcium, as well as Manganese, Copper and Vitamin D3, which is designed to help maintain normal bone and nervous system and muscle function.
Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D3 contribute to the maintenance of normal bone and tooth condition, as well as muscle function, and Calcium also promotes the transmission of nerve impulses and participates in the blood clotting process. The trace element Honey supports the activity of the nervous system and maintains the normal condition of connective tissue. Manganese, Copper, Magnesium and Calcium contribute to the proper functioning of metabolic processes and energy production. Manganese, in addition, has a positive effect on the condition of bones and the formation of connective tissue, from which muscle tendons are made.

It all depends on the combination! Two essential and irreplaceable minerals in one tablet, combined with vitamin D3!

Important for the body in conditions of excessivephysical and mental strain.

Magnesium - for the good condition of the nervous and muscular system.
Calcium and vitamin D3 - for healthy bones , especially important for the prevention of osteoporosis .
Magnesium and calcium are essential and essential minerals that the body uses to activate and maintain many biological processes. Vitamin D3 regulates the absorption of calcium from bones.
The basic and essential substances, such as magnesium, cannot be synthesized in the body and the possibility of storing them in large quantities in the body is limited.

Modern food supplements are in most cases over-processed, which leads to reduced intake and concentrations of important and essential minerals such as magnesium. Storage and culinary processing further reduce the mineral content of food. The intake of laxatives (laxatives), as well as the regular use of alcohol, also lead to a deficiency and reduced absorption of magnesium by the body. Optimal intake of vitamins and minerals is extremely important for the good condition and efficiency of the body.

As calcium bioavailability decreases with age, supplementation with these two minerals and vitamin D3 may be particularly important in elderly and menopausal women who do not eat healthily.

Just one tablet of DOPELHERZ ACTIVE Magnesium, Calcium and vitamin D3 per day, in combination with a balanced diet, provides you with the necessary amount for adults. This combination of vitamins and minerals can help you feel healthy and able to work in conditions of increased mental and physical stress.


· Provides energy to the cells

· Plays a major role in the activation of enzymes and affects the energy metabolism of nerve cells and the muscular system

· Magnesium is especially needed for the heart muscle

Calcium is an important mineral for bones and teeth and is essential for maintaining the following bodily functions:

· Building and maintaining bones

· Transmission of impulses between nerve endings and cells

· Significant amounts of calcium can be found in the muscles - it is involved in muscle contraction

· Calcium is needed for the blood clotting process. The human body constantly secretes calcium, which is why it is recommended to take optimal calcium intake with food, for any age.

With regular exposure of the skin to direct sunlight, vitamin D3 can be synthesized in the body. Very often, however, the amount formed in the body is extremely insufficient, especially when the skin is covered with clothing to protect from sunlight or cold.


Active substances

Composition in 1 tablet


210 mg


420 mg

Vitamin D3

5 µg


Take 1 tablet daily with a meal, with plenty of fluids.
If necessary, the tablet can be divided.
Do not chew.

Food supplement.
Keep out of reach of small children.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
The product is not a substitute for a varied diet.