Doppelherz Aktiv For Hair and Nails x 30 caps.


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  • Components of the preparation Doppelherz Aktiv For Hair and Nails strengthen the structure of hair and nails, improve the nutrition of the hair roots and prevent premature graying and hair loss.


Daily serving (1 capsule) contains:


% RDA *

Wheat germ oil

500 mg

not applicable

Extract protein from millet

150 mg

not applicable

Vitamin C

30 mg


Calcium pantothenate (vitamin. B5)

6 mg


Vitamin B6

1 mg



150 mg



5 mg


* Percentage of recommended daily allowance (RDA)

The product is recommended:

  • the brittle nails
  • to regenerate damaged hair perm, tanning and drying, coloring or lightening
  • in excessive hair loss or graying hair
  • for dry or oily skin


The product contains sulfur compounds, phytoestrogens and phytosterols, essential fatty acids and vitamin revitalizing hair and nails and improve the appearance of skin.

Wheat germ extract and millet contain a wealth of nutrients and stimulate the growth of hair and nails, and maintaining them in good condition.
Essential fatty acids, phytoestrogens and phytosterols in the oil wheat germ rejuvenating effect on the skin, hair and nails.They also contain significant amounts of iron, magnesium, selenium, vitamin E and vitamin B.

The extract of millet is a natural source of sulfur amino acids (cysteine and methionine) included in the keratin, the basic protein that builds hair and nails. Sulfur amino acids responsible for the production of "sulfur bridges" linking adjacent molecules of keratin, which in turn gives the hair and nails appearance and durability. Their content gives hair shine and protects from moisture. Methionine is an amino acid that must be constantly supplied with food and is not stored by the body.
Catechins in the extract of millet belong to the powerful antioxidants; They affect the improvement of microcirculation in the dermis and better nutrition of hair follicles.

Zinc, biotin, calcium pantothenate (provitamin B5), vitamin B6 and C affect the nutrition of hair roots, strengthen nails and improve skin condition. Pantothenic acid and biotin prevent among other things, premature graying of hair.
Zinc stimulates the synthesis of keratin, and at the same time inhibits the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Negative effect on hair and nails influence: unhealthy diet, chronic stress and hormonal changes associated with age.

Take one capsule daily with a meal or immediately after a meal, with a sufficient amount of liquid. Do not chew. To obtain the desired effect it is advisable to use the product for at least 3 months.