Doppelherz Aktiv For Throat x 16 lozenges


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  • Doppelherz Aktiv throat lozenges to taste blackcurrant, which help to quickly and effectively relieve the discomfort caused by pain and dryness of the pharyngeal mucosa. The product contains antiseptic extract of sage and thyme and marshmallow

Sugar (sucrose), glucose syrup, honey, extract from the leaves of sage, thyme herb extract, citric acid (acidity regulator), L-sodium ascorbate (Vit. C), zinc gluconate (zinc), an extract from the root of marshmallow extract, chamomile basket, raspberry juice powder, aromas of black currant extract, inflorescence linden, raspberry flavor, lemon oil. It does not contain lactose or gluten.

Information for diabetics:
1 tablet corresponds to 0.35 above (exchange carbohydrate).Contains sugar.

Daily dose (4 tablets) contains:
Extract from sage leaves (3: 1) 200 mg extract of the herb thyme (4: 1) 200 mg, marshmallow root extract (3.5: 1) 80 mg, Extract with chamomile basket (1.7: 1) 80 mg, raspberry juice powder 80 mg extract of the inflorescence linden (6.5: 1) 40 mg, Vitamin C 120 mg - 150% (% of the recommended daily intake), Zinc 15 mg - 150% (% of the recommended daily intake)

Doppelherz Aktiv throat lozenges to taste blackcurrant, which naturally strengthen the immunity of mucous membranes in the throat and contain raw materials affecting the quicker regeneration membrane of the throat and its adequate moisture. The product is recommended especially during the autumn and winter, and when traversing the air-conditioned rooms, smoky, and strongly heated. The composition is an extract of sage and thyme and chamomile, lime, zinc and vitamin C - which are also responsible for the maintenance of normal immunity.

Directions for use:
Suck slowly after 1 lozenge 4 times a day, preferably between meals.