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Doppelherz Energovital K tonic 750 ml


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  • Traditional herbal medicinal product of the composition according to the new EU requirements regarding herbal products.
Herbal medicine traditionally used as an adjuvant activity of the heart and circulatory system, in particular in the states of nervous tension.

Extract of hawthorn increases cardiac output. Rosemary extract exerts anti-atherosclerotic. Extracts of valerian and lemon balm work uspokojająco and toning.

The daily dose (60 ml) contains active ingredients:
extract of hawthorn fruit (1: 1) 1,200 mg
extract of hawthorn fruit (1: 2) 660 mg
extract of valerian root (1: 1) 300 mg of
extract from the leaves of lemon balm (1: 1) 300 mg of
extract of rosemary leaves (1: 1) 300 mg of
complex product. Contains liqueur wine (17% vol.). Dosage:Adults: apply 20 ml Doppelherz

Energovital tonic K 3-4 times a day, at meals and at bedtime. It can be used for two weeks. If symptoms worsen or do not improve - you should consult your doctor.