DOPPELHERZ for animals joint omega 3 for dogs, cats

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omega 3 for dogs Doppelherz für Animals Joint Oil Omega-3 for Cats and Dogs, Omega 3 for dogs

Pack size:250 ml Dosage form:liquid

Omega 3 for dogs

• High-quality oil mixture with valuable solids
• To support the joint metabolism in osteoarthritis
• No added sugar, colorants or preservatives
• Perfect for mixing in the feed
• To maintain mobility and more enjoyment of movement

Omega 3 for dogs. Doppelherz für Tiere Joint Oil is a diet supplement feed to support the joint metabolism in osteoarthritis. The high-quality oil mixture contains valuable solids, without the addition of sugar, colorings or preservatives.

The important omega-3 fatty acids from salmon oil, hemp seed oil and linseed oil help to counteract inflammatory processes in joint diseases. Green-lipped mussel powder supports the joint function with its valuable ingredients. Vitamin E contributes to the joint metabolism as an antioxidant. Combined with devil's claw, chondroitin, methionine and manganese.

Omega 3 for dogs Depending on the weight of the animal, 1 to 3 teaspoons are given daily. The tasty oil is perfect for mixing in the feed.

Doppelherz is one of the best-known health brands in Germany. For over 100 years, high-quality health products have been developed that only contain tested and high-quality ingredients. Today, Doppelherz stands for maintaining the healthy well-being of the whole family - and thus of course also of dogs and cats.

All Doppelherz products are manufactured in a climate-neutral manner. Greenhouse gases, which inevitably arise in the process chain, are offset through recognized climate protection projects.