Dr Irena Eris CLINIC WAY Active Lifting Dermoserum 30 ml

Dr Irena Eris

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DR IRENA ERIS CLINIC WAY HYALURONIC SMOOTHING Anti-wrinkle serum for day and night, 30ml


Anti-wrinkle dermoserum - an advanced, concentrated preparation with a high concentration of substances that inhibit the aging process of the skin. It optimizes and extends the results of the cream, giving quick results in the reduction of expressive and elastic wrinkles. Strengthens and renews the skin's defense mechanisms, ensuring immediate improvement of its overall condition through:

3 x C Ascorbyl Intense - an innovative, triple vitamin C complex, in three carrier forms, which provides access to the deepest layers of the skin, creating an effective protective shield against premature skin aging. It evens out the color, lightening discoloration and inhibiting the formation of pigmented changes on the skin.

Hyaluronan- intensely moisturizes and protects the skin against the so-called transepidermal water loss - TEWL , thanks to which the skin regains adequate moisture and hydration, becomes smooth and elastic. It affects the improvement and regeneration of the defense mechanism - the hydrolipid coat, protecting the skin against the effects of adverse external factors.
SKIN RENEWAL REACTIVATOR FGF1 LMS ™ with the unique LIPO-SPHERE technology - slows down the aging process of the skin by activating a strong and long-lasting reactivation of renewal processes at its three levels.
Aqua Calcis - pharmacopoeial limestone water with antiseptic, soothing and irritation-alleviating properties.

Recommended for use under day and / or night cream, daily or as a periodic treatment. Dispense a few drops of the serum on your hand, then spread evenly over your face. Apply the cream after the serum has been absorbed (min. 30 - 60 sec.). Shake well before use.

PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS over 3 times * reduction of the volume of expression and elastic wrinkles, immediate smoothing (92% *) and skin hydration (89% *).
* Research results at the Dr Irena Eris Science and Research Center .