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DR. JACOB'S Lemon balm base tea

Pack size:250 Dosage form:tea

Dr. Jacob's

Lemon Balm Base Herbal Tea BIO Lemon Balm Base Tea - organic herbal tea for a natural balance

  • Slightly fruity taste
  • Without the addition of flavors
  • Ideal for fasting
  • Tea for daily enjoyment, ideal in the evening

250 g (for 50 liters)

herbal tea, Lemon balm tea for relaxing
With its slightly fruity taste, Dr. Jacob's Melissa base tea is the ideal herbal tea for every day. It enriches every balanced diet, especially during detox and fasting cures, and supports the body in its balance. The lemon balm base tea invites you to relax and is ideal for daily enjoyment.

Consumption Lemon balm tea recommendation:
Pour 3 teaspoons (approx. 5 g) of lemon balm base tea with one liter of boiling water and let the tea steep for 5-10 minutes.
Store in a cool, dry place, tightly closed.
Herbal tea blend from controlled organic cultivation

Lemon balm tea Ingredients:
lemongrass 1 , lemon balm 1 (10%), nettle 1, Licorice 1 , apple pieces 1 , cassia cinnamon 1 , orange peel 1 , fennel one , ginger 1 , rose hips 1 , black pepper 1 , sage one , honey bush 1 , cilantro 1 , verbena 1 , cardamom 1 , lemon peel 1 , oregano 1 , thyme 1 , Anise 1 , lavender flowers 1 , hibiscus flowers 1 , spearmint 1 , peppermint 1 , chamomile flowers1 , blackberry 1 , raspberry leaves 1 .
1 ingredient from certified organic farming.  

Dr. Jacob's Medical GmbH, Platter Straße 92, 65232 Taunusstein

Our motivation at Dr. Jacob's:
We want to create a healthier future for us all!
The Dr. Jacob's Medical GmbH was founded in 1997 by Drs. Jacob. Since the foundation, our philosophy has been not to follow fashion trends, but to examine the most important findings and discoveries of science and use them for your health.
High-quality, natural and plant-based ingredients, strict quality controls and the expertise of the company founders and a nutritional team make the special character of Dr. Jacob's health products. In product development, Dr. Jacob always on the best possible synergy and optimal bioavailability of the special ingredients.