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DR JACOB'S Pomegranate Juice Elixir

Dr Jacobs Medical GmbH

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DR JACOB'S Pomegranate Juice Elixir

Pack size:500 ml Dosage form:elixir

Gently concentrated in pomegranate polyphenols

Dr. Jacob's Pomegranate Elixir contains the juice and pulp of more than 50 sun-ripened pomegranates in every bottle - freshly pressed, gently processed and with bioactive, live fermented pomegranate polyphenols. One serving (10 ml) contains roughly the same amount of polyphenol as a glass of pomegranate juice (250 ml) 1,2

Much more than a pomegranate juice

  • The original in tested quality
  • Highly concentrated and bioactive through live fermentation
  • With the same polyphenol content, 80% less sugar than pomegranate juice 1,2
  • 720 mg of polyphenols per serving, including about 300 mg of punicalagins

500 ml (25 servings)

1) Average values ​​from various analyzes by accredited food laboratories in Germany, e.g. E.g .: pomegranate elixir - Eurofins, August 19, 2014, batch G275: 44.3 g / l total polyphenols (as gallic acid equivalent).
2) Fischer-Zorn M, Ara V (2007): Pomegranate juice - chemical composition and possible adulterations. Liquid fruit; 08: 386-393.

Dr. Jacob's pomegranate elixir - your benefits:

  • High quality: Regular testing of the polyphenol content and the strictest residue controls for pesticides
  • Patented: With live fermentation according to Dr. Jacobs EU patent (EP2132994)
  • Practical: 500 ml make 25 servings for 25-50 days
  • Inexpensive: Optimal price-polyphenol ratio
  • Heavenly: fruity-tart; Health that tastes good - pure or mixed

Consumption recommendation:
Take 10–20 ml daily in 100–200 ml sparkling water or water, eg as a chilled spritzer. 20 ml of pomegranate elixir contains sufficient potassium to help maintain normal blood pressure.

Tips for use:

Pomegranate ketchup:
Mix 20 ml of pomegranate elixir, 30 g of tomato paste, 1 tablespoon of linseed or olive oil with a little pepper. Delicious as a spread or for dipping.

Pomegranate soy yogurt:
Mix 20 ml pomegranate elixir and 100 ml soy drink. Tastes creamy and fresh. Eat a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Shake before opening. Shelf life of 7 weeks when opened. Please store in the refrigerator.
Pomegranate fruit preparation

Our motivation at Dr. Jacob's:
We want to create a healthier future for us all!

The Dr. Jacob's Medical GmbH was founded in 1997 by Drs. Jacob. Since the foundation, our philosophy has been not to follow fashion trends, but to examine the most important findings and discoveries of science and use them for your health.

High-quality, natural and plant-based ingredients, strict quality controls and the expertise of the company founders and a nutritional team make the special character of Dr. Jacob's health products. Since 2004 Dr. Jacob's pomegranate elixir with patented live fermentation, the first pomegranate product with many polyphenols in Europe.

Dr. Jacob's pomegranate products are particularly characterized by an enjoyable taste, the strictest quality controls and the patented production process of live fermentation.