Dr Wolz Petogen Turbocon liquid vet.

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Dr Wolz Petogen Turbocon liquid vet.

pack size:250ml Dosage form:liquid

Feed supplement

Dr Wolz Petogen Turbocon liquid vet. ingredients: 

crude protein 9.8%, crude fat 2.7%, crude fiber 0.6%, crude ash 1.4%, water 54.0%, methionine 0.2%, sodium 0.03%, lysine 0, 6% additives / kg: E as vitamin E preparation 3,000 mg vitamin B2 as riboflavin pure substance 69 mg vitamin B6 as pyridoxol hydrochloride pure substance 24 mg vitamin B12 as vitamin B12 preparation 198 μg pantothenic acid as calcium d-pantothenate pure substance 78 mg biotin as biotin -Pure substance 8 mg

Petogen® Turbocon contains alcohol 8.5% vol natural fermentation alcohol.

Dr Wolz Petogen Turbocon liquid vet. Feeding recommendation: Shake well before use!Feeding recommendation 1 tablespoon = 10 mlDuring the journey 2 - 3 times a week (20-30 pigeons): 15 ml Petogen® Turbocon over 600-800 g feed Breeding and young pigeons 2 times a week: 15 ml per 1,000 g feedDuring the main moult every 2nd day: 15 ml per 1,000 g feedIdeally dry off with a powder such as feed lime.

Store cool and protected from light. Once opened, it can be kept for 3 months in the refrigerator.