VALERIAN DROPS, DROPS stomachs 35g stomach ulcer treatment


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VALERIAN DROPS, DROPS stomachs 35g stomach ulcer treatment

  • DROPS stomachs is a preparation which, thanks to the natural composition exhibits a relaxant properties, and soothing pain. In addition neutralizes symptoms bębnicy and antibacterial.

tincture Valerianae 25.0 parts. Tincture Menthae 25.0 parts. Intractum Hyperici 25.0 parts. Amara tincture 25.0 parts.

The preparation is based on natural ingredients. Suited for ailments of the digestive system. Responsible for the operation calming and soothing pain. In addition, antibacterial properties and relieves symptoms such as indigestion. Bębnicy, colic.

- allergic to ingredients
- heartburn
- stomach and duodenal ulcers
- breastfeeding
- age under 15 years of age

It is recommended to take the preparation in case of minor digestive problems (indigestion, flatulence and spastic states in the intestines).

Apply 15-30 drops dissolved in a glass of water x 3-4 / 24 for a half hour before eating or temporarily after 30-40 drops.