DROPS stomachs T 35g

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  • DROPS stomachs T is a product that due to the natural composition exhibits relaxant properties and mitigation of pain. In addition it neutralizes symptoms bębnicy and stimulates the appetite.

100g: Valerianae tinctura (tincture kozłkowa) - 25g, Menthae pip. tinctura (tincture mint) - 25g Amara tinctura (1: 5) (bitter tincture) - 25g, ex: Gentianae radix, Menyanthidis folium, Amari aurantii pericarpium (60.0 Vol., 60.0 pcs., 50.0 parts of .)., Hyperici tinctura (St. John's wort tincture) - 25g.

The preparation is based on natural ingredients. Suited for ailments of the digestive system. Responsible for soothing pain. In addition, it exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates the production of bile acids and alleviating the symptoms of indigestion example. Bębnicy colic. Soothes and stimulates the appetite.

- allergic to the ingredients
- hyperacidity
- gastric and duodenal ulcers
- alcoholism
- epilepsy
- the age below 15 years of age

It is recommended that the formulation in the event of minor digestive symptoms (indigestion, flatulence and loss of appetite).

Use orally at a dose of 1 teaspoonful x 3 drops / 24 hours, after stirring with a small amount of water. Take 30 minutes before eating.