DROPS stomachs T 35g, stomach drop, appetite stimulant, increased appetite, appetite enhancers


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  • DROPS stomachs T is a preparation which, thanks to the natural composition exhibits a relaxant properties, and carminative. Aids digestion, neutralizes symptoms bębnicy and stimulates appetite.

100 drops comprising: Amara tinctura (1: 5) ex: 25.0 g: Gentianae radice - 35 parts .; Menyanthidis folio -35 Part .; Aurantia amari epicarpio et mesocarpio - 30 parts .; extractant: ethanol 70% (v / v) Valerianae tinctura (1: 5) 25.0 g; extractant: ethanol 70% (v / v) Menthae piperitae tinctura (1:20), 25.0 g; extractant: ethanol 90% (v / v) Hyperici tinctura (1: 5) 25.0 g; extractant: ethanol 60% (v / v) ethanol content: 67% - 72% (v / v)

The preparation is based on natural ingredients. Suited for ailments of the digestive system. Responsible for soothing pain. Additionally it shows carminative properties, stimulates the production of bile and relieves symptoms such as indigestion. Bębnicy, colic. It stimulates the appetite.

- allergic to ingredients
- heartburn
- stomach and duodenal ulcers
- alcoholism
- epilepsy

It is recommended to take the preparation in case of minor digestive problems (indigestion, bloating and loss of appetite).

Use orally at a dose of 15-30 drops x 3-4 / 24 in a glass of water for half an hour. before eating.