Dry and irritated eyes, EVOTEARS Omega eye drops

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EVOTEARS Omega eye drops, Dry and irritated eyes

pack size:3ml Dosage form:eye drop

EVOTEARS Omega eye drops

Unique 1 for dry and irritated eyes
• Effective and lasting protection against evaporation of tears thanks to innovative ingredients
• Water-free, therefore no need for preservatives
• High yield and long range
• With omega-3 from algae to build up the lipid phase
• First emulsion-free omega-3 formulation at dry eyes

Dry and irritated eyes, EVOTEARS Omega eye drops

Effective protection against evaporation and supplementation of the lipid phase
Dry and irritated eyes, with e.g. B. red, painful lid edges or crusted eyelids after waking up, can indicate a restricted function of the meibomian glands. This leads to impairment of the lipid (oil) phase that protects the tear film from evaporation and is considered the main cause of dry eyes. 2 EvoTears® OMEGA _ specifically addresses dry eyes caused by meibomian gland dysfunction. The eye drops combine effective protection against evaporation thanks to the innovative ingredient perfluorohexyloctane and the advantages of being water-free with omega-3 fatty acids to relieve irritated eyes and eyelid margins. Due to the low surface tension, the eye drops spread quickly on the tear film and form a delicate protective coat on the tear. This counteracts premature evaporation over the long term. Compared to water-based preparations, the drops are significantly smaller. EvoTears ® OMEGA is therefore very economical and, thanks to the oil-like properties, the application of the eye drops is hardly noticeable. Due to the water-free formulation, there is no need for excipients.

With omega-3 fatty acids from algae to build up the lipid phase
EvoTears ® OMEGA is the first emulsion-free omega-3 formulation for dry eyes. Omega-3 fatty acids are part of the natural tear film. 3 Dry eyes are often associated with an omega-3 deficiency. 3 The larger the deficiency, the more serious the disruption of the tear film and the associated corneal damage. 3 The omega-3 fatty acids in EvoTears ® OMEGA are not obtained from fish but from algae. This means that these eye drops are also suitable for vegans.


Dry and irritated eyes, EVOTEARS Omega eye drops NOTE:

Due to the special nature of the EvoTears ®eye drops, it is possible that you will hardly notice the drop in your eye. In this case, it is advisable to apply the drops in front of the mirror or have a second person observe the application until you get to know the feeling of the drops being distributed on the eye.

The meibomian glands, located in the upper and lower eyelids, secrete an oily secretion on the lid margins and are responsible for the lipid phase of the tear film. If their function is restricted or their outlets are clogged, this results in a lipid phase disorder. Affected people complain about dry, watery or burning eyes as well as crusted or red eyelids.Dry and irritated eyes, EVOTEARS Omega eye drops

Hormones play a crucial role in the functioning of the meibomian glands. Hormonal fluctuations, such as those that occur during menopause or as part of hormone therapy (e.g. birth control pills), can cause the meibomian glands to malfunction. Dry and irritated eyes, EVOTEARS Omega eye dropsDeclining hormone production can also impair the function of the meibomian glands in men.

The risk of dry eyes increases with age because the functionality of the glandular tissue decreases. As a result, less of the oily substance is produced by the meibomian glands, affecting the quality and quantity of the lipid phase of the tear film. Dry and irritated eyes, EVOTEARS Omega eye dropsTo counteract dry, irritated eyes, the use of EvoTears ® OMEGA can help.


Dry and irritated eyes, EVOTEARS Omega eye drops FREQUENT QUESTIONS & ANSWERS:

How often should I use EvoTears ® OMEGA eye drops?
As a rule, it is sufficient to use EvoTears ® OMEGA eye drops two to four times a day. The ingredient perfluorohexyloctane forms a reliable protective film that stays on the eye for a long time and protects the tear film from evaporation. EvoTears ® OMEGA is very economical with up to 280 drops per 3 ml content. Thanks to the low frequency of use, the 3 ml bottle is sufficient for a long time. If a 4-times daily application is required, the range is 35 therapy days. When used twice a day, the bottle lasts for 70 days of therapy.

Why are the drops in the eye hardly noticeable?
Thanks to perfluorohexyloctane, EvoTears ® OMEGA has a significantly lower surface tension than water, which means that the drop spreads quickly. In addition, at only approx. 10 μl, it is significantly smaller than water-based eye drops, which have a volume of 30 to 50 μl. The small drop volume of EvoTears ® OMEGA corresponds to the capacity of the conjunctival sac and therefore little or no liquid escapes from the eye. EvoTears ® OMEGA has oil-like properties and feels like balm on the eye. For these reasons, the application is perceived as very pleasant.

How long do EvoTears ® OMEGA eye drops keep after opening?
EvoTears® _OMEGA eye drops can be used for eight weeks after opening the bottle. Please note the opening date on the folding box.

Can I use EvoTears ® OMEGA if I wear contact lenses?
If you wear contact lenses, you should not use EvoTears ® OMEGA as there is insufficient data on the compatibility of the contact lenses. Can vision impairment be expected after using EvoTears ® OMEGA? Despite its oil-like properties, the ingredient perfluorohexyloctane has the same refractive index as tear fluid. The eyesight is therefore not impaired by the use of EvoTears ® OMEGA.

What can I do myself against dry and irritated eyes?
In addition to using EvoTears ® OMEGA, the following behavioral measures can help to alleviate the symptoms of dry, irritated eyes:

A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can lead to supplementation of omega-3 in the tear film.
• Create an ideal indoor climate through optimum humidity, for example by using air humidifiers. Avoid drafts and tobacco smoke.
• With regular, intensive airing, you can ensure sufficient fresh air. If possible, you should occasionally leave your home or workplace and stay in the fresh air.
• A balanced fluid balance is necessary for normal production of tear fluid. Therefore, drink fluids regularly throughout the day (at least 1.5 liters per day). Alcoholic beverages are not included in the calculation, they lead to increased fluid loss.

1 due to perfluorohexyloctane
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