DUCRAY NEOPTIDE Treatment against hair loss for women Spray 3 x 30ml

Pierre Fabre

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  • Ducray Neoptide, is an innovative treatment against hair loss designed for women. The formulation can also include in the hair follicle, stimulating the growth phase of the hair. It contains patented Laboratories Ducray innovative Tetrapeptide.

Patented Laboratories Ducray innovative Tetrapeptide, a combination of four amino acids: valine, tyrosine, lysine, aspartic acid

Ducray Neoptide, treatment against hair loss for women in the form convenient to use spray. Ducray Neoptide active ingredients stimulate the hair root cells to produce and sail to extend the growth phase of hair. Spray prevents hair loss, nourishes and cares for them. In addition Neoptiode enhances blood circulation, which positively affects the elongation of the hair shaft. Hair grows faster, they become thicker and heavier. The combination of active substances contained in Neoptite such as neoruscyna tetraphosphate diguanozyny and nicotinamide revitalizes hair roots causing accelerated growth of healthy and strong hair. When all the hair follicles are stimulated, hair loss disappears and the increased volume of hair becomes visible. The effectiveness of the action has been confirmed in clinical studies.

Ducray Neoptide, the preparation spray, recommended for women suffering from chronic hair loss.

How to use:
Apply 1 ml (about 12 sprays) every evening on dry scalp, then follow the scalp massage, until completely absorbed preparation for better absorption of the substance. Do not rinse. Do not wash the head at least 2 hours after application. Treatment should be continued for 3 months.