DULCOLAX constipation relief, bisacodyl

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DULCOLAX Dragees gastro-resistant tablets, DULCOLAX constipation relief, bisacodyl

pack size:100 pcs Dosage form:Tablets, gastro-resistant

Active substance: coated tablets: bisacodyl. 

Area of ​​application DULCOLAX constipation relief, bisacodyl:

For use in constipation, in diseases that require easier bowel emptying;
additionally with Dulcolax® dragées and Dulcolax® suppositories: as well as for emptying the intestines during treatment measures and measures to detect diseases (therapeutic and diagnostic interventions) on the intestine.

Warning: Like other laxatives, Dulcolax® coated tablets, Dulcolax® suppositories, Dulcolax® NP drops and Dulcolax® NP pearls should not be taken daily or over a longer period of time without medical clarification of the cause of the constipation.

Dulcolax® Dragées, DULCOLAX constipation relief, bisacodyl:


Contains the coloring yellow orange S, lactose and sucrose. Dulcolax® coated tablets and suppositories: do not contribute to weight loss. The simultaneous use of other laxatives can increase the side effects in the gastrointestinal tract.