DULCOSOFT powder 20X10 g hard stool Constipation

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DULCOSOFT ® powder Gentle hard stool

help with hard stool
Constipation is one of the most common everyday complaints in Germany. Every fifth person suffers at least temporarily from a sluggish bowel, which can cause various complaints. For those affected, etc. who suffer from hard stool, the medical product DulcoSoft ® can provide a gentle remedy thanks to its water binding in a natural way: The medical product from the Dulcolax ® series, which has been tried and tested for decades in constipation, softens hard, dry stool and makes it easier so the bowel movement.

The medical device is free from table salt, sugar, gluten, lactose and flavors. It is also suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. *

For a more pleasant visit to the toilet, hard stool

  • For hard, dry stools
  • Well tolerated
  • Solution easy to dose according to personal needs (see dosage recommendation)
  • For regular and easier bowel movements
  • Suitable for pregnant women * and children (solution from 2 years, powder from 8 years) **

Has a gentle & natural effect DulcoSoft ® (medical product ) with a stool softening effect contains Macrogol 4000. The ingredient works in a similar way to a sponge: Drinking water is absorbed and specifically transported into the intestine. Due to the increased fluid content in the large intestine, DulcSoft ® counteracts thickening effects and hardened stool is gently softened. The higher volume stimulates the natural bowel movement and leads to regular and easier bowel movements. It usually starts working 24 to 72 hours after ingestion. Macrogol 4000 works purely physically. The active ingredient remains in the intestine and is excreted unchanged from there.

DULCOSOFT powder hard stool Constipation RECOMMENDED APPLICATION:
DulcoSoft ®Solution is suitable for daily use, depending on personal needs, the recommended dose can be taken daily or every other day. DulcoSoft ® solution should only be taken in diluted form. The aroma-free solution can be mixed with 150 ml of water, fruit juice or tea, depending on your personal taste. DulcoSoft ® powder should not be used for longer than 28 days. The contents of one sachet are dissolved in 150 ml of liquid and taken preferably in the morning.

Hormonal changes and the new situation in life can lead to the intestines becoming unbalanced during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Indigestion and constipation are the result. DulcoSoft® softens the stool gently and is therefore also suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking.

DULCOSOFT powder hard stool Constipation FOR SENIORS
Aswe getolder, many bodily functions work more slowly. This can also be noticeable in digestion, which can also be stressed by taking medication. The use of DulcoSoft ® can stimulate regular and easier bowel movements. The medical devices are also suitable for patients on a low-salt diet.

DULCOSOFT powder hard stool Constipation FOR CHILDREN FROM 2 YEARS OLD
Digestive disorders are not uncommon in children and adolescents. Due to the gentle operating principle, the DulcoSoft ®Solution can be given to children from two years of age. Thanks to the enclosed dosing cup, the medical device can be dosed precisely according to age-related needs, as prescribed by the doctor. **


How quickly does DulcoSoft ® work ?
DulcoSoft ® usually takes effect 24 to 72 hours after ingestion. Clinical studies show that with regular use of the medical device, bowel movements usually occur once a day. If the symptoms persist over a longer period of time, the cause should be examined by a doctor. Children should not be given the DulcoSoft ® solution for longer than three months.

Does the intake of DulcoSoft ® deprive the body of water?
No. DulcoSoft ® does not remove any water from the body. If the medical device is swallowed with a glass of water (150ml) as recommended, the powder or solution contains sufficient water to produce the stool-softening effect.

Is DulcoSoft ® also suitable for diabetics?
Both the DulcoSoft ® solution and the DulcoSoft ® powder are suitable for diabetics, as neither dosage form contains any sugar.

Which components does DulcoSoft ® contain?
10 ml DulcoSoft ®Oral solutions contain 5 g Macrogol 4000 in dissolved form, citric acid, potassium sorbate (preservative) and purified water. 1 sachet of DulcoSoft ® powder contains 10 g of Macrogol 4000. It does not contain any other ingredients.

How long can the DulcoSoft ® solution be kept?
The expiry date of the DulcoSoft ® solution can be found on the folding box and the bottle label. Please do not use the medical device after the expiry date. After opening the bottle for the first time, the DulcoSoft ® solution can be used for 6 weeks. Please always keep the medical device out of the reach of children, do not store it in the refrigerator and do not store it above 25 ° C.

* It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking.
** Use in children up to 8 years of age should only be carried out on medical advice.