Duodenal ulcers, - heartburn, MEGALAC Almasilate Mint Suspension


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MEGALAC Almasilate Mint Suspension, Duodenal ulcers, - heartburn

Dosage form:suspension

Duodenal ulcers, - heartburn, Megalac Almasilate Mint Suspension sachets


Active medicinal ingredients:
10 ml (= 2 teaspoons) contain: 1.0 g almasilate (aluminum magnesium silicate hydrate), corresponding to 0.2 g aluminum oxide and 0.3 g magnesium oxide (corresponds to a neutralization capacity of at least 11 mval).

Areas of application:
For the symptomatic treatment of diseases in which the stomach acid is to be bound: - gastric and duodenal ulcers, - heartburn and acid-related stomach problems.

Warning: Regular control d. Al blood levels in long-term use. (do not exceed 40 µg/l). 10 ml corresp. 0.025 BE.