DURABLE MEDICAL BUBBERS x 12 pieces, pump +

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  • MEDICALLY-CONTROLLED GROATS is a product that has the effect of strengthening the nervous and immune systems. It improves blood circulation and reduces muscle tension.

Bubbles is a product intended for local use. Used in the therapy known for centuries, they are characterized by high safety of use. They are responsible for strengthening the nervous and immune systems. In addition, they affect the improvement of blood circulation and the abolition of muscle tension.

Indications: The
product should be used to support immunity. It is recommended that cupping therapy be used for viral infections, pleurisy, influenza, inflammation of radiculitis, rheumatism, as well as painful menstruation or lack of menstruation. Can be used as part of acupuncture and acupressure therapy and vacuum massage to prevent, for example, orange peel.

Use externally according to the instructions provided.