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Durex condoms Arouser x 12 pieces

SSL International

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  • Durex condoms Arouser with simple walls well adapts to the shape by nature. Was covered with stripes and a wetting agent which enhances felt during sex experience.

Durex condoms Arouser is a medical device, in which 85-98% protection against unplanned pregnancy. It works also as a means of preventing infection with sexually transmitted diseases (which is especially important for persons frequently changing sexual partners). It is characterized by a unique structure. The condom is covered with stripes guarantee a more intense sensations during intercourse. It has a simpler design that ensures a perfect fit and adhere to the penis (which automatically increases its efficiency and prevents eg. From slipping). Nominal width of each condom is 53 mm. It has coral color and is coated with a wetting agent (to protect against friction upon penetration).

Use as part of barrier contraception, and to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. The condom can be used during anal intercourse, vaginal or oranego.

How to use:
Apply externally, assuming penis. Begin by compression between the thumb and forefinger reservoir is located at the tip of the condom in order to remove air therefrom. Then unroll the condom with the other hand continue squeezing between the fingers (preventing ingress of air). Once unwound advised to check if the condom is properly and is adjusted accordingly, for example. Too loose may slip off, and very tense - can burst.