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DUREX Invisible condoms extra lubricated x 3 pieces

SSL International

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  • Ultra thin condoms Durex Invisible, which allows for maximum sexual sensations. Condoms are additionally moistened, which affects the comfort of their use.

As many as 35% thinner than traditional condoms Durex condoms Invisible additionally moistened. Thanks to them partners may experience increased experience and its proximity. High-quality latex condoms with an extra portion of wetting agent.

Durex condoms Invisible additionally moistened recommended to anyone who wants the maximum of sensations during intercourse.

Additional information:
The product should be stored in cool, dry place. Protect from sunlight.

opening the foil pack, be careful not to damage the condom. Put a condom on the penis erect. Only the correct assumption condom provides protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. A detailed description of the use to read on the leaflet.